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  • Sorry about the delay in the review. Please see below for comments – · Office staff – Office staff (Julie) was very helpful and organised everything for us, so we didn’t have to worry about anything on the day. Julie was very patient with any last minutes changes and arranging us to keep the crates longer than planned. · Survey visit – Barry was very professional but easy going, that’s why we decided to go with the London Company removals in the end. · Packing service (if required) – N/A · Relocation service on the day – relocation on the day went smoothly even though they had to do two trips which wasn’t planned. · Team allocated to you on the day – the team was great on the day and was professional and helpful. Great price and amazing service! Would recommend this removal company to anyone and everyone.

  • The decision had been made, yes i was to move house, All the practicalities of the move seemed so daunting. The for sale notice had gone up, and within a couple of days, a nice letter and brochure landed on my door mat. It was with some hesitancy, I rang LRC, everything seemed scary. I spoke to Julie at their office, and very quickly she was able to reassure me about the moving process. She sent a lady round to estimate, and i was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable it was. Because I was moving to a smaller home, I had to brutally de-clutter, and there was an awful lot of rubbish and surplus furniture to go. I called on LRC to help me with rubbish removal, they were very flexible and again their estimate was very reasonable. The day of the move arrived, I was feeling rather stressed and panicky. As soon as the LRC lads arrived they had a very calming effect on me, it was obvious they knew their job and did it so well. They had very cheery dispositions and their sense of humour kept me going. at what was potentially a very stressful time. Thanks lads you are life savers!. The move went extremely smoothly. I have and continue to highly recommend their excellent removal services to others.

    Ann Susan Morris
  • Hi Julie, The guys were great today – they worked really hard. Please could we buy a few boxes from you? We probably need another 5 for the last bits and pieces. Thanks and best wishes